What Men Want From Women In A Relationship

Whet men want from women in relationships.

In relationships, both men and women have certain expectations of their partners. This article will focus on what men want from women in a relationship and why these wants are important to us.

We should start by recognizing that, in relationships, not all men have identical needs. There are too many factors that go into each person’s emotional makeup. However, as a general guide, the following points ring true with most men.


Men value respect in a relationship more than anything else. They want to be acknowledged for their contributions and efforts toward the relationship. A man wants to feel respected for who he is, what he does, and what he brings to the table. Men want to take care of their partners, even when they are perfectly capable of caring for themselves. This trait is wired into men, and the act of doing things for women is rarely, if ever, performed with malicious intent.

Also, it’s important to understand that even the smallest act of caring for his partner, to a man, is felt as an genuine expression of love in the relationship. Showing gratitude for the little things goes a long way toward making a man feel valued, appreciated, and loved. Conversely, when a woman starts to view his small caring gestures as acts of love, she will begin to understand how much her man genuinely loves her.

Finally, if a woman openly and honestly communicates her needs to her man, he will respond. If he is left to guess or is treated as if he’s expected to know without being told, she will undoubtedly set him up to dissapoint her. It’s a romantic notion, but unrealistic to think a man will know what his partner needs at all times without being clued in.

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Emotional Support

Men may not express their emotions as openly as women do, but they still need emotional support from their partners. They want someone who they can confide in and who will listen to them without judgment. Men need to know they can rely on their partner to be there, with support, during difficult times. It’s not hard to notice when a man is under stress or struggling with something emotionally. We are typically more quiet and reserved than usual. We may seem preoccupied or deep in thought. Having a safe place to express worries may not be enough for us to open up, but a woman shouldn’t be discouraged if a man doesn’t dump his thoughts on her. There’s an excellent chance we don’t want to think about it any more than we already are, or we don’t want to burden you and prefer to work it out internally. Either way, know he needs you and appreciates that you care and are there for him. That appreciation will turn to frustration if you push him to talk, or worse, get angry that he isnt. He only needs to know you are there for him if and when he’s ready. Bringing me to the final point on this topic. If he does open up and ask for help, know it took a lot for him to get to that point. If you bail on him now, he will probably never give you the opportunity to be there for him emotionally in that way again. 

Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy is an essential component of any healthy relationship. Men want to feel desired and valued by their partner. They appreciate physical affection, such as hugging, kissing, and holding hands, as well as sexual intimacy. Men want to feel that their partner is attracted to them and wants to be with them physically. When physical intimacy is predominantly initiated by the man without any initiation by the woman, he will feel unwanted and unloved. Some of the most passionate moments will come when the man genuinely feels wanted. If you really want to spice things up, playful teasing when intimacy is not possible will really get him going. Just be sure the playful gestures are aimed at him, and only him. Contrary to what your bestie tells you, making him jealous is juvenile behavior and will get you nowhere. It’s unhealthy behavior for any relationship. Simply put, if you want him to desire you, make him feel wanted and safe in that desire. 

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This leads us to the foundation of any healthy relationship, trust. Men want to be able to trust their partner completely. They need to know that their partner is honest and reliable and that they have their best interests at heart. Trust is built over time through open and honest communication, consistency, and reliability. It also comes from a partner who makes intelligent choices and honors the partnership by not putting themselves in situations that leave the relationship vulnerable. Men need to understand that trust works both ways and is achieved by the same respectful behaviors in return. It stands to reason, no one can trust fully when they themselves can’t be fully trusted. 


While men value emotional connection and physical intimacy, they also want their partner to have their own interests, passions, and goals. Men desire an independent partner who has a life outside of the relationship. They want someone who can share their unique experiences and interests with them and, who brings new perspectives and experiences to the relationship. If the previous topic of trust is achieved, independence for both partners will not only be healthy, it will help bring mutual respect and interest to the relationship. Take an interest in what he’s passionate about, and share your outside interests with him. This allows you both to feel included without being required to participate. After all, that would defeat the purpose of individuals coming together in a healthy romantic partnership, while maintaining their individualism.

For The Ladies

Women can help men understand how best to love them by communicating openly and honestly about their needs and desires. They can express their emotions and share their thoughts, allowing men to gain insight into their inner world. Women can also set clear boundaries and express what makes them feel loved and appreciated, whether it’s through physical touch, verbal affirmations, quality time, or acts of service.
Additionally, women can educate men about their unique experiences and perspectives as women, helping them understand their challenges, fears, and joys. By engaging in open, empathetic, and respectful conversations, women can guide men in understanding their preferences and how to truly love and cherish them.

In Conclusion

Generally, men want respect, emotional support, physical intimacy, trust, and a degree of independence from their partner in a relationship. By meeting these needs, women can foster a healthy and fulfilling relationship with their male partner. Lastly, open and honest communication is necessary to help him understand how best to love you in return.

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